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A European-wide venture-backed acceleration program
for early-stage industrial tech startups

We take you from functional prototype to a first industrial series, complemented with market validation, and a growth strategy.

| We aim to strengthen the role of the industrial sector & improve Europe’s competitiveness by helping startups with market validation, prototypes' building, and launching their first industrial series.

Acceleration program

A one-of-a-kind 6-months program covering key areas for hardware-based startups

Input >

  • Functional prototype (TRL 4/5)

  • Own IP

  • Nor or minimal market validation

  • Unbalanced team (lead by great CEO)

  • 2/3 years of existence


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> Output

  • Manufacturing-ready / first short series

  • Strong market validation

  • Balanced team

  • Fundraising strategy (public & private)

  • Internationalization strategy

A European-oriented one-stop shop for science and hardware-based new ventures.


  • Hardware-based (physical product) ventures

  • Validated technology (TRL 4/5) 

  • Proprietary technology (IP)

  • Full-time committed team

  • Geography: Europe


  • Med tech

  • Food & Agro tech

  • Clean tech

  • Robotics

  • Mobility

  • Industry 4.0

  • New materials

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Letters of intent

Pilot + follow-up contract

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Request for quotations

Certification strategy

Short series (i.e. 200 units)

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Balanced team

Clear roles & responsibilities

Processes definitions

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Internationalization strategy



A European-wide industrial tech accelerator.

At Stage2 we offer a truly transformational experience for industrial tech startups, with a hands-on program that delivers results.The 6 months program starts in September'22 and takes place in Barcelona and online. Stage2 takes place on an industrial environment, equipped with workshop and shared equipment, ideal for hardware-based startups.During the program, participants enjoy real and tangible acceleration of their ventures; that's part of our unique value proposition.We are looking for European early-stage startups, to take them from a functional prototype to first industrial series, complemented with market validation, and a growth strategy.The call for projects is open until June the 5th 2022 at 23:59 CET

Selection Process (2022 Cohort)

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May 5th

June 5th

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June 6th

June 9th

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June 27th

June 28th

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July 11th

July 13th

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A unique 560 m2 space in Barcelona

Benefit from our one-of-a-kind space with access to machinery, equipment, and electronic lab to bring your prototype into a reality.We are in the industrial district of Barcelona, heart of an emerging industrial startup ecosystem. An innovative city in the top of the rankings for creating startups that is attracting ventures from all over Europe.

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